With 1FX trading platform, Start trading in FOREX with cryptocurrency and enjoy the quickest international transactions with minimum transaction fee.


About 1FX.us

1FX is an exciting and highly potential business opportunity that brings innovative technology to the foreign exchange (FOREX) market. The main objective of this platform is to remove existing inefficiencies within the market, elimination of intermediaries and provide cost-saving (less fee & tax) solutions to brokers, traders and liquidity providers using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

We will offer a digital currency to brokers, traders, etc, and 1FX trading platform will provide a medium through which users can easily convert fiat currency to 1FX token and then trade it in the FOREX market. 1Fx platform is aimed at effectively reducing the risk for brokers and traders by providing more opportunities and increasing the speed of transactions in the Forex market.

1FX token will be one of the most secure and reliable digital currencies and a total of 600 million tokens will be generated.


Bitcoin and 1FX.us

Using other cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ethereum does not provide any value to the user, but It will not be the case with 1fx. Users of 1FX will get parabolic increased coin value beside other investment and HODL benefits.


Low Fee Transactions

No Need of intermediaries such as banks and money transfer websites while making an international money transfer for Forex trading.It will also reduce the cost of the transaction.


Instant deposits and withdrawals

1FX platform provides 24x7 instant deposits and withdrawals services along with quickest transactions, exchange and a wallet to keep all your assets safe and secure.

How to Trade with 1FX Coin


Buy 1FX Coin from 1FX, UNISWAP, HoneySwap


Check the Traders/ brokers that support 1FX


Make overseas transaction, store in wallet and trade in FOREX


Continue trading, or withdraw profit in Fiat Currency

How 1FX works?

investment point 1

With blockchain technology and token 1FX would be able to overcome inefficiencies in the market which until now had no solution.

investment point 2

The 1FX team will partner with more and more brokers around the world over the next two years, thus making it easy to withdraw instantly and anonymously.

investment point 3

We will offer a digital currency to brokers, traders, etc, and our platform will provide a medium through which to effortlessly convert fiat currency into 1FX tokens and vise-versa.

investment point 4

They can continue trading or withdraw at a later stage in fiat currency through the forex trading platform, at the minimum cost. When everyone will exchange 1FX tokens then they will get more profit and cheaper transactions and very minimal taxes.

Token Specification & Numbers

1FX Pre-Launch will start from Feb 01, 2021 and it will run till Feb 14, 2021. More details of the Pre-Launch and Token Sale can be found here or in the Whitepaper.

Token Name 1FX Token
Available at 1FX.us
Maximum Coin Supply 600 Million
Coin Available for IEO 300 Million
Pre-launch starts At only $0.80
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1FX Token Allocation

1FX Token Allocation

Road Map

road map


1Fx.us is the official website of the 1FX Project. The project features taxation removal from the withdrawal of profit with a robust platform to make withdrawals instantly. Also, it aims to Collaborating with more and more brokers from all over the world.
Yes, a total of 600 Million coins will be launched by the company, out of which 50% (300 Million) coins will be available for sale.
The token can be bought at the pre-sale on UNISWAP, and then on HONEYSWAP. After the pre-sale, the token can be bought from multiple popular platforms like BINANCE, and KYBER SECURITY.
A 25% profit from FOREX trading will be added to 1FX wallet, which will pump liquidity of 1fx project and thus systematically increase in the token value can be seen. Additionally, the community will control the price of tokens. The more they trade in foreign currency, the more liquidity will be added to the project which will increase the token price.
We have many years of experience in the real estate industry and want to take that one step further by being a part of the growth of the cryptocurrency market. We are very honest about our project and care deeply about our investors and users. This is the reason why each phase of the project is carefully planned and a number of revenue models are formed to ensure the desired level of success.

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