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Awareness of Risks

You warrant that you understand that cryptocurrency coin and initial exchange offering (IEO) projects are inherently highly risky and extremely speculative. With experimental software and business models, at an early stage of development, they are uncontrolled, with no government protection of your investment, dramatic price volatility, strong potential for inadequate documentation, and high risk of fraud.

You should only invest in a cryptocurrency coin or IEO projects if you have substantial technical knowledge and understand the specifics of the offering. Careful due diligence should be undertaken on the projects, network, coins, and team behind any coin sale or IEO. You must understand that your and others’ investments may not result in a usable or valuable coin and you may lose the entire value of your investment.

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The 1FX coin is focused on Asian, African, and European countries or or in other words Rest counties except American countries. The project is mainly focused on India, Dubai, Pakistan and Europe.

Coins may not be appropriate for, or offered to, investors residing in the United States. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned investors residing in the United States that coin sales may constitute securities, and by investing in coins, investors may be purchasing unregistered securities offerings. US investors who invest in may be unable to recover any losses sustained in the event of fraud or theft.

You are encouraged to consider the advice of and warnings about the significant risks of this sector (including the risk of loss of value and fraud) which are published by the following jurisdictions:





These links are given by way of example, please ensure that you have found and learned the position of regulatory authority in your jurisdiction.